Working Apart Together

Closing the office was an understandable choice, but since the measures due to the corona crisis remain in place for the time being, the time has come for more imagination and intelligence. What can be done? So how can people return to work at the office and possibly receive clients? In the ‘one and a half meter economy’ a lot more is possible than today, but a whole lot less than in the past. That is why we developed the Working[Apart]Together Footprint for offices. With this Footprint:

  • We describe the principles for a safe return to the office;
  • We give substance to the general rules and measures that apply when returning to the office and/or continuing to work from home;
  • We describe possible adjustments per sub-area/scenario to make the office (partially) accessible for your employees;
  • For each sub-area, we will create signs and facilities that substantiate and clarify the agreed rules.
  • Naturally, we take into account the RIVM guidelines, the type of organization, and the layout of the existing office, so that no unnecessary risks are run.

Selection of our clients using the Working[Apart]Together Footprint:

"I always compare a good office space to a tailored suit. It fits like a glove and looks fantastic, making you feel secure. That's exactly what a great office space does for me, as well."

Iwan de Leeuw
Founder iL Office

Corona-proof kantoor

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