Bricks, bites & behaviour

To make the office (partially) accessible again for your employees, based on the 1.5 meter economy, you have three principles to take into account:

bricks: the layout of the workplace;
bytes: technology and equipment;
behaviour: informing and instructing employees about the ground rules for the relevant scenario.
As an organisation, a decision has to be made about the (new) purpose of the office: will you only facilitate interaction, such as meetings, consultation, and communication, or will you continue to facilitate workplaces.

Therefore, the Working[Apart]Together Footprint has been developed to support a W[a]T relationship with colleagues: working together, but at a safe distance from each other, completely corona proof. Both from the office and from the home.

max 1 persoon sticker

"iL Office actively responds to the needs of the customer, is thorough in making decisions, setting goals and executing them."

Corona-proof kantoor

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