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Coronaproof kantoor

Coronaproof office (1,5 meter economy)

We have passed the first stage of the ‘Corona era’. Denial, resistance against measures, and frustration made way to adaptation and acceptance. We are doing the same things as before, although in a slightly different way: from the home. We meet online, follow a yoga lesson, or a training course online, and even have drinks with friends online. It’s business as usual with a feeling: hold on a bit longer and then it’s over.

But if we look honestly at what’s going on, we know that Corona’s impact is many times greater than ‘taking a break’. It’s not for nothing that gigantic economic support packages are being announced and at the same time tragedies are taking place in the healthcare sector that we wouldn’t have thought possible. Corona will be life-changing for everyone who lives now. There will be a time before Corona and a time after Corona.

Working at a meter and a half

We are convinced that it is important for us to accept that we have to start thinking and acting differently. The sooner we make the change, the smoother the transition will be to the ‘new normal’: a new way of working in the office.

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"iL Office actively responds to the needs of the customer, is thorough in making decisions, setting goals and executing them."

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Corona-proof kantoor

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