Working out or from home

The new normal
Working in the office or at home will remain a permanent part of the work situation of many employees. Employees will now be better able to determine whether their work can be carried out in the office or at home. However, it will become very important to find a good balance between working from the office and working at home. Social contact with colleagues, among others, is necessary to recharge the battery, and mental exhaustion when working too much from home is lurking. We should also not underestimate the importance of talking to colleagues at the coffee machine. This is precisely the place where a lot of knowledge sharing takes place and where team spirit is strengthened.

To be able to work from home there are two conditions:

  • Working from home must be possible (own space to be able to work in a focused way;)
  • An employee must have an employment contract of at least 24 hours a week.

A well-equipped home workplace
If working from home remains part of the work situation, it is important that employees have the right tools and know-how to work from home as healthy and safe as possible.

It is therefore always mandatory for the employer to check whether home workplaces are in order. If an employee works at home for at least 20% of his workweek, the employer is also obliged to ensure that a home workplace is set up properly. In both cases it is wise to do so:

  • Allow a professional through a video interview, to take a look at your workplace, so that every employee is provided with practical advice;
  • Establish a homework policy if this is not already in place.

The workplace advisors at iL Office can advise and support your organization in drawing up a customized homework policy, appropriate to the organization, and the type of work carried out by the employees.

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Iwan de Leeuw
Founder iL Office

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